Hiroshi Nakamura

Alan Ritchie, PrincipalHiroshi Nakamura

Since joining Philip Johnson / Alan Ritchie Architects in 2000, Hiroshi Nakamura has been a core part of planning and design teams for some of firm’s prominent projects both in domestic and oversea. His broad range of experience includes The Business School Addition at Drexel University in Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania Academy of Music in Pennsylvania, Shuzhou New Lake City Masterplan in China, Sujiatuo Masterplan in China, and Large-Scale Commercial Complex at Oktyabrya Avenue in Ukraine.

In 2006, he led a planning team for New Istanbul Masterplan, a 552-hectare mixed-use city development, in Turkey. This exceptional project involved the programming of land use, lot subdivision, traffic circulation, population control, security measure and project phasing as well as the comprehensive designs and planning for several regional centers and landmark buildings.

Hiroshi, a native of Japan, moved to the US in 1995 after completing his undergraduate Architectural course at Tokyo Denki University in Japan. In the US, he attended a graduate program for Urban and Regional Design at New York Institute of Technology. With his unique academic background, he has been assisting the firm in developing suitable solutions to a number of projects while deciphering the programmatic requirements that were outlined by the city/regional-scale context.

Currently, he is a project manager for a few ongoing cityscape projects such as Thanksgiving Square Streetscape Rehabilitation in Texas and Spatial Reprogramming of Interior/Exterior Circulation at South Bend Regional Museum of Art in Indiana as well as numerous projects in New York City.

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